Protect Your Neighbor $50/$50 Referral Rebate Program

Congratulations! Your Generac Automatic Standby Generator will provide comfort and security for your home and family for years to come. Now that your house is protected against power outages, make sure your friends and family are protected too. Recommend our Generac Automatic Standby Generator and when they purchase  one of our systems, you will each receive a check for $50.

It's easy to participate in the Protect Your Neighbor $50/$50 Referral Rebate Program. Just fill in your information below and pass the form to your friend. Tell them all about the benefits of a Generac automatic standby generator. When they complete their purchase, have them fill out the New Generac Owner information and you'll both receive your checks for $50.

Click here to download the PDF form, then just fill it out and send it in.